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This is where inspirational leaders, visionaries and game changers in the fields of health and wellness, mind/body medicine, spirituality and more come together to share their wisdom with those who seek this knowledge.

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“Jason and Téa are an extraordinary, dynamic couple who educate and inspire and enrich our lives. Being most interesting themselves as well as being interested in those they interview, creates quite a wonderful and energic podcast that helps uplift us all into new ways of being and higher levels of consciousness. It is truly a delight to resonate with them. We are grateful.”

Andi & Jonathan Goldman

Sound Healers, Authors

“The Inspire Health Podcast is one of those essential platforms that people who desire health and liberation really need to pay attention to. They have experts who are truly leading the way in their respective fields and who offer a bounty of beneficial guidance and information. I’ve not only had the honour of being on Inspire Health Podcast numerous times, but I am also a subscriber. It’s one of the best podcasts out there, don’t miss it.”

RJ Spina

Metaphysics Teacher, Author

“The Inspire Health Podcast is one of my very favourite venues to share our research discoveries and information. Dr. Jason Loken and Téa Shahbazi are amazing interviewers, the best I have experienced, and always take our discussion to a higher level and leave me feeling uplifted. We cover a broad range of areas, from the high-tech science of biophysics and biological age reversal to advanced practices of expanding consciousness. Ever exploring more areas at the deepest level, their program is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new. To hear the best and latest in a most engaging way I highly recommend you tune into this wonderful duo.”

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Scientist, Physician, Researcher

“Inspire Health Podcast is a platform that serves not only individual growth, but that of the collective consciousness. Covering a variety of spiritual topics, Jason and Téa offer great value for everyone, regardless of where they’re at in their spiritual journey.”

 Jiulio Consiglio

Spiritual Teacher, Author

“Inspire Health Podcast can enrich your life just as it has mine through embracing higher knowledge and wisdom shared by the vast array of guests, experts, and visionaries hosted by Dr. Jason Loken and Téa Shahbazi. Together, Jason and Tea’s brilliance ignite conversations with ease while asking deep, thought-provoking questions. Whether I’m contributing to a delightful inner-view discussion with Jason and Téa or listening to their empowering series and guests, Inspire Health Podcast continues to be an uplifting experience.”

Cathy O’Brien

Author, Speaker

“This podcast is the place to be. One scroll through the many interviews available and you will find topics that will pique your interest and you’ll say “Hmmm… THAT one looks interesting!” Start there. You’ll find many new and fascinating perspectives that will change the way you see your world. Kind, honest and loving hosts, Jason and Téa will introduce you to the fascinating, leading edge, best forward-thinking teachers in our world today.”

Bonnie Mackenzie


“I have been a guest on Téa and Jason’s Inspire Health Podcast several times since the big “shift” of 2020. They have presented honest, insightful, and refreshingly relevant information from the beginning. I highly recommend their podcast and their work. They are the real deal… the kind of people who will be assisting on the front lines of the Great Awakening.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Physician, Best-Selling Author

“Have you ever walked into a room and discovered your favorite people are there, and automatically you feel uplifted and joyful? Well, that exactly sums up who Jason and Téa are, and what they have created with their Inspire Health Podcast. No matter what interview you discover and explore you will find inspiration and hope. The future of humanity has never looked brighter and this podcast is proof. We are so grateful to contribute to this beautiful community.”

Lee Carroll & Monika Muranyi

Kryon Authors and Speakers

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Inspirational leaders in the field of mind/body medicine share leading edge strategies to facilitate your TRUE healing!


Essential Tools To Support Your Child’s Physical, Mental and Emotional Development

About The Show

Take your health back into your own hands!

An inspiring show teaching you that there are powerful & transformative solutions to all your health concerns.

Our show reminds you of your innate ability to heal to begin the process of stepping into the immensity of who you truly are.

We believe that your inspired action will change your health, your life, the lives of those around you, and ultimately the world!

Your transformation starts NOW!

Jason Loken, ND, DO(Q), PhD (cand) is passionate about constantly researching and investigating different approaches to health and wellness and strives to speak to various experts in the field to better understand what works.

With a reach of over 1 million, and episodes having over 12,000 downloads, Inspire Health Podcast is listened to around the world. Countries include USA, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Qatar, UK, Australia, Greece, China, and the Philippines.

We have been Ranked as the Top Nutrition Podcast in these countries:

#2 Canada, #29 in the US, #1 Qatar, #1 Greece, #3 Hong Kong, #3 Lithuania, #4 Philippines, #9 Great Britain, #10 Australia, #11 in Sweden, #14 Germany

Ranked in Health & Wellness:

#35 Canada



Jason Loken

ND, DO(Q), PhD (cand)

“It is my sincere belief that when we take the time to truly care for ourselves we increase our capacity to care for others. It is a fact that when we are healthy we tend to be happier, we have more energy, we enjoy life more and we are able to share this joy with others more readily. It is because of this belief that I have so passionately dedicated the past 20 years to helping people achieve their optimal states of health.

Whether you are looking to recover from a specific ailment, decrease your susceptibility to chronic disease or improve your overall health and well-being I am excited to assist you in reaching all of your goals.”

your transformation starts now

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