Essential Tools To Support Your Child’s Physical, Mental and Emotional Development

Dr. William Walsh

Founder and President of Walsh Research Institute


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Dr. Stuart Shanker

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The MEHRIT Centre


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Dr. John Dempster

Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner


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Gabriel Giron

Award Winning Keynote Speaker


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Tema Stein

Paediatric Physical Therapist & Osteopathic Manual Practitioner


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Lauren Reznick

Speech-Language Pathologist


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Dr. Angela Peddle

OD, FCOVD, Optometrist


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Dr. Michael Meade

HBSc, MEd, BEd, ND


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Allison Rock

Occupational Therapist, Paediatrics


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Dr. Jason Loken

Naturopathic Doctor & Osteopathic Manual Practitioner


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Children’s Health Series!

I am so thrilled to share this transformative series with you.   I had the opportunity to interview some of the brightest minds in this arena.  As a parent, listening to these experts will give you essential tools to support your child’s physical, mental and emotional development.

Whether you have a newborn, toddler or a teen this series will give you jaw dropping insights about the way you choose to raise your children and how many influencing factors we have in our environment that are critical for us to consider if we want to raise strong, confident and  happy children.

Here is an overview of each podcast:



Mental Health and Behavioural Disorders with Dr. William Walsh

In today’s episode of the Inspire Health Podcast, Dr. William Walsh PhD, FACN, of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute (WRI), a visionary in the field of nutritional biochemical imbalances and mental health, touches on the effects of biochemical factors that are causing you to struggle in your life.

Dr. Walsh shares his wisdom and research from the past four decades of working with over 40,000 patients at his former clinic and through WRI’s international physician education programs, and creating one of the largest chemical databases in the world when it comes to nutrient imbalances, and autism and ADHD.



Self-Regulation With Dr. Stuart Shanker

Are you or your child dealing with overwhelming stress and tension? 

Self regulation is the key to coping with these stressors in life and everywhere you go you hear this term being thrown around. 

There are SO many influencing factors when it comes to stress. Dr. Shanker PhD, one of the leading world experts in self-regulation, dives into how everything from diet, lights and sounds and even a biochemical imbalance can throw our lives off kilter.   More importantly, he talks about how you can take control of your life by understanding these elements.



Gut Health and Nutrient Imbalances with Dr. John Dempster

If you’ve ever wondered what the 3 most common nutrient deficiencies found in our children are and how gut health impacts our kids ability to think, feel and act then tune in to this episode.



Life Gets Easier When We Are Brave Enough To Look At Ourselves with Gabriel Giron

Gabriel Giron served in the US Army and endured testicular cancer while he was stationed in Germany. 

He knows what it’s like to have a hard time. He could have looked at this time in his life as bad karma for being a classroom bully in high school.  But instead, he shifted his perspective and saw it as a blessing. 

Changing your perspective in life and knowing your why, is Gabriel’s key to success in overcoming personal issues in your life. He speaks about rising above the stresses around you and playing your cards how they were dealt.



Early Intervention Osteopathic Care For Your Children with Tema Stein

Learn from one of the masters in paediatric physical therapy and osteopathy. With over 40 years of clinical practice Tema shares her wisdom explaining when and why it is so important to start early intervention, the common conditions of infancy and childhood that can be corrected with osteopathic care and the most important tidbits she has learned that parents need to know.



Picky Eating, Learning and Developmental Disorders with Lauren Reznic

Have you ever sat at the dinner table for hours wondering why your child won’t eat that side of peas?

Picky eating is a common battleground for parents and can lead to tears and temper tantrums for kids and parents alike!

There is a difference between trying to get your kid to eat broccoli and highly sensitive children. 



Eye Health as an Underlying Cause For Learning, Behaviour and Stress Imbalances with Dr. Angela Peddle

If your child is dealing with anything from poor self esteem, temper flare ups, memory problems or academic challenges then this episode may shine a light on one of the hidden underlying contributors to these symptoms.



The Abundance Of ADHD, Anxiety, Depression & Stress In Today’s Youth with Dr. Michael Meade

Is this generation experiencing a rise in mental health disorders or is it just an increase in awareness?

Dr Michael Meade ND believes that our reliance on technology has influenced this drastic increase in diagnoses but also the unbearable schedules we have designed for our children. 

In this episode Dr. Meade equips us with ways to support our children through this new reality and defend them from some of the constant stressers placed on them.



The Importance of Play, the Environment, Movement and Stress Support for Children Dealing with ADHD, ASD, and Autism with Allison Rock

Allison explains all the many ways that our child’s behaviour is a form of communication and that if we can listen carefully we can gain invaluable insights into their world and how to best support them.



Summary of All the Lectures – Key Points and Take Home Messages from Guest Speakers of the Children’s Health Series with Dr. Jason Loken

You do not want to miss this important summary where I break down the most important key points made by all of our amazing experts that shared so much valuable information with us. In user friendly and practical terms I will pull together the best of the best from each guest and bring everything home for you.

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