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Jason Loken

ND, DO(Q), PhD (cand)

Available to residents around the globe. This virtual health coaching platform enables you to have access to decades of research, experience, and wisdom guiding you back to your optimal health.

“So often with healthcare, you have specialists that only look at one element of your health and make assumptions from there. Dr. Jason Loken takes the whole picture into consideration when working with you. He is thoughtful in his questions and his follow up and is determined to find a solution for your health challenges. His multiple qualifications puts him in a unique position to help others in a way that a naturopath alone may not be able to help. If you are ready to get to the root of your health challenges and find long term wellness, you should book an appointment as” soon as possible.


“Dr Loken is the best of the best when it comes to health practitioners. He’s helped to completely solve my mental health issues through the Walsh Approach. He has a wealth of knowledge of what works and new research that’s coming out to address any other health issues I talk to him about.”


“Dr. Loken is THE best Naturopathic Doctor and Osteopath I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is sensitive to the demands of my life but always has such practical advice. After so many years of being physically active my body is need of support and maintenance. His manner and technique with Osteopathic treatments always leaves me with renewed energy and an overall sense of well-being. The combination of his two specialties is thorough and deeply intelligent. He has been a constant for not only myself but my family for almost 10 years. Thanks so much Jason!!”


“Dr. Loken has made a positive difference in my life and I would highly recommend his services to my closest family and friends. He genuinely and passionately cares about the well-being of others and promptly responds to questions and concerns often going steps beyond average. He demonstrates a thorough understanding of any topic brought to his attention. I value his integrative approach and his ability to bring together various options to present information in a clear and understandable way. He has offered creative solutions to my health concerns and listened with a compassionate heart when medical doctors posed limitations. His belief in me and his support along the way allowed me to see that anything was possible and that my health could improve. I am so grateful for Dr. Loken. I am now medication and smoke free and continue to be moving towards a more healthful me. Thank you Dr. Loken!!!”


“Dr Loken has supported our family for almost two years now and I can’t imagine not having him on our ‘team.’ We had/have a number of concerns regarding our youngest son’s overall health and he has offered advice and long-term solutions that we feel have made a huge impact over a relatively short period of time. Supporting the whole body from the inside out, he provides ongoing naturopathic and osteopathic care. He has also recommended a number of complimentary practitioners who are now rounding out our family’s overall health care plan. Dr Loken came highly recommended to us and we in turn recommend him highly to anyone seeking care from a naturopathic and osteopathic perspective.”


“Dr. Jason Loken is simply THE best!! I’m almost afraid to give an honest review for fear of not being able to get an appointment with him 😉 He is so knowledgeable, resourceful, and skilled as both an Osteopath and a Naturopath — if I were him, I would be very full of myself but, somehow he practices with such patience, kindness, respect and overall pleasantness! I would and HAVE recommended him repeatedly to those I love most in the world. I trust him fully.”


“We have been going to see Dr. Loken for several years now. He is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me and my family on various issues. He gives advice on multiple levels and looks at the whole picture…mind, body and soul. He truly cares about your health and happiness. I highly recommend his services.”


“I have been taking my 7-year old son to see dr Jason since he was just born. Having been born with a medical condition doctors always told us the only “fix” would be to eventually have surgery. With the help of dr. Jason and his amazing knowledge and kind heart we have proved the doctors wrong! Dr Jason always makes us feel so at ease. My son is always happy to see him and enjoys his osteopath sessions. I do not know what we would have done without dr. Jason and I am thankful everyday for having met such a wonderful person! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued help and support.”


“I came to see Dr Loken after seeing all kinds of Doctors trying to get some relief from migraines I was suffering from for a long time. I was desperate and knew that at this point I needed a doctor who was able to see a patient and his/her health from a different perspective, a holistic approach, I had the idea in my mind but did not know if such a doctor existed. After talking to Dr. Loken for the first 5 minutes I was so happy to know that this Doctor I had in mind existed. Since then, more than a year ago, my life changed dramatically, and it only took a few appointments. My headaches disappeared which was like a dream come true. He has a comprehensive understanding of the body and how things such as our emotions, environment, food, life style, etc can affect it. He is also very professional with a very strong emotional intelligence which allows him to deliver his message with compassion and high level of empathy. In my mind he is the first Doctor I think of any time something is out of balance in my body. I also have the opportunity to attend a retreat hosted by him and his wife Tea; we had a great time and they opened a space of trust to all the attendees, which gave us the chance to go deeper into ourselves allowing for peace, healing and hope to surround us. Loved it!!”


“I wish I had known about Dr.Loken sooner! He genuinely cares about his patients and he is knowledgeable in many areas! Don’t wait another day!”


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Jason Loken

ND, DO(Q), PhD (cand)

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