Inspirational leaders in the field of mind/body medicine share leading edge strategies to facilitate your TRUE healing!

Series Starts January 13th, 2020

Dr. Deborah Rozman

CEO and President of Heart Math Inc.


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Dr. Amit Goswami

Theoretical Quantum Physicist


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Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Two-time Nobel Prize nominee


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Jill Miller

Pain-relief and Wellness Expert


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Dr. Gil Hedley

Integral Anatomy


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Dan Leven

Founder and Director of LIFE Movement, Leven Institute for Expressive Movement


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Ray Crist

Founder of the Jaguar Path


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Frederic Lowen

Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, CBT


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Betsy Polatin

Breathing And Movement Specialist


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Dr. Jason Loken and Téa Shahbazi


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Mind – Body – Spirit Connection Series

I am so thrilled to share this transformative series with you.   I had the opportunity to interview some of the brightest minds in this arena.  Listening to these experts will give you essential tools to support your physical, mental and emotional development.

This series will give you jaw dropping insights and to let you loose and shake your soul for total body and spirit fitness.

Here is an overview of each podcast:



Unlock the Power and Resilience of the Heart with Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

In this episode Dr. Rozman explains how our heart rhythm patterns are the best reflection of our inner state. By learning how to create heart/brain coherance, you can shift in the moment into a state of balance and renewing feelings, such as appreciation, care, love and compassion. Learn how you can minimize your anxiety, fatigue and depression while improving your focus, sleep, and calmness.



The Quantum Physics of Healing with Amit Goswami

If you’ve ever wondered how to set the stage in your body for healing to occur on all levels, then you must listen to this episode. This episode features one of my all time favourite icons and mentors, quantum physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami PhD. You may remember him best from the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know”.

We dove deep into how quantum physics can be used to explain and support the healing process, what is at the root of ill health and suffering, how to manifest the desires you seek and how to potentiate spontaneous healing. Join us for this episode and find out just how far down the rabbit hole we go.



Reconnecting to Source with Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Two-time Nobel Prize nominee, Ervin Laszlo Ph.D. helps us to better understand the spiritual experience. He provides insights as to what it is, how we can create one, why it is so valuable and how it has the capacity to transform oneself and ultimately the world.

For decades Dr. Laszlo has been a thought leader and visionary for how the human species can move towards a better future together. This is an essential episode for all of us to hear.



Healing Your Body and Emotions – Through Vagus Nerve, the Diaphragm and Fascia with Jill Miller

Join pain relief and wellness expert Jill Miller as we look at the roll of fascia, the diaphragm and the Vagus nerve in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Jill is an avatar in this industry with close to 30 years of corrective movement expertise that forges links between the worlds of yoga, massage, athletics and pain management.



Exploring the Inner Space with Dr. Gil Hedley

Gil shares with us insights he has gained from working with the human body through his hands-on human dissections courses in the laboratory. For years he has encouraged thousands of fellow “somanauts” to appreciate, explore and embody the wonders of human form. Today Gil helps us to rehabilitate our relationship with fat, explain how tissues of the body can act like a 6th sense, and how the interconnectedness of the human body is a mirror for the interconnectedness of our world.



Healing and Transformation Through movement, Mindfulness and Dance with Dan Leven

Time to let loose and shake your soul for total body and spirit fitness. At our core we are movement. Our bodies are literally in a perpetual state of motion at the most intrinsic cellular level. Through the fluid movement of dance and music we can facilitate our body to let go and inspire our spirit to move.

Join Dan Leven, Founder and Director of LIFE Movement, as he shows us how we can dissolve tensions, connect with others, and express our joy through the power of dance.



Shamanism, Yoga and the Healing of Trauma Imprints with Ray Crist

Do you ever feel like your life is being hijacked by your emotions, or that you keep replaying the same patterns relationships and experiences in your life over and over again?

Join me in this episode, as Ray Crist, founder of the Jaguar path shares with us how the integration of both yoga and shamanism can help us clear energy channels in the body and remove old trauma imprints or ‘sanskaras’, as they’re referred to in the yoga tradition. This clearing and opening of the meridians may begin your journey to a new perspective of the world filled with purpose, clarity and compassion.



Bioenergetics and the Mind/Body Split with Frederic Lowen

Joining us today is Frederic Lowen, son of the late Alexander Lowen who was the founder of Bioenergetic Therapy.

In this episode Frederic breaks down the concept of ‘energy’, explains the necessity of recognizing body sensation for healing to occur and enlightens us with a unique way to heal the widespread mind-body split that has become an epidemic in today’s society.



Our Bodies, Breath and the Impact of Trauma with Betsy Polatin

In this episode, breathing and movement specialist, Betsy Polatin, explains how unprocessed trauma can habitually play out in our lives both physically and emotionally. She shows us a gateway to accessing and changing our habitual patterns and emphasizes self-awareness as a cornerstone to healing.



Uncovering Your True Joy is Tuning in to Your Spirit’s Calling with Dr. Jason Loken and Téa Shahbazi

Have you noticed that when you’re in a state of joy you have a seemingly endless supply of energy? Your eagerness and excitement for life fills you up and your days seem easier and sweeter. Your taste buds are somehow satiated with this fuller version of life. What were once perceived as challenges, now seem much more manageable, even fun; like a puzzle that can be pieced together and understood. Within this state of joy, even your most perplexing relationships and interactions no longer weigh you down. You may even notice that they simply begin to move out of your life.

In this final episode Jason and Téa break down their strategy for uncovering and living a life with joy as your compass and what it means to live your TRUE potential….in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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