Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD & Dr. Valentina Onisor, MD

Amit Goswami

Amit Goswami, PhD

Amit is a retired professor of physics from the University of Oregon, where he served on the faculty from 1968 to 1997.

The meaning of quantum physics was highly obscured. While researching this, Amit discovered that when quantum physics is formulated within the metaphysics of qualified non-dualism, as in Indian Vedanta, questions regarding meaning are immediately resolved. His work thus integrates science and spirituality. This work has culminated in his most recent book with the physician Valentina Onisor, Quantum Spirituality.

Subsequently, he developed a theory of reincarnation and integrated conventional and alternative medicine within the new quantum science of health.Among his discoveries are the quantum theory of the creative process, the theory of quantum evolution, and the theory of quantum economics that extends Adam’s Smith’s capitalism into a workable paradigm for the 21st century.

In 2009, he started a movement called “quantum activism,” now gaining ground in North and South America, Southern and Eastern Europe, and India. In 2018, together with his collaborators, he established Quantum Activism Vishwalayam, an institution of transformative education in India, based on quantum science and the primacy of consciousness. This program offers master’s and PhD programs in the Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity and Happiness under the auspices of University of Technology, Jaipur.

Amit is the author of numerous books, most notably: The Self-Aware Universe, Physics of the Soul, The Quantum Doctor, God is Not Dead, Quantum Creativity, and The Everything Answer Book. He was featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? and the documentaries Dalai Lama Renaissance and The Quantum Activist.

Amit is a spiritual practitioner and calls himself a quantum activist in search of Wholeness.

Valentina Onisor

Valentina Onisor, MD

Dr. Onisor is a practicing physician specializing in family medicine, who integrates various systems of alternative medicine (acupuncture, Ayurveda, naturopathy, and aromatherapy) into her medical practice. Committed to consciousness awakening related sciences for over two decades and a pioneer of quantum integrative medicine, Valentina is also a yoga and meditation teacher (Sivananda Vedanta Forest Academy; Yoga Alliance; Universal Consciousness Ambassador, CSETI).

She has made correlations between the ancient sciences and quantum physics using both as a support for her teachings. Through a unique system of quantum healing, Valentina inspires people to achieve enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual health that allows for profound and long-lasting integration and regeneration on all levels.

Contact Dr. Goswami & Dr. Onisor: amitgoswami.org/faculty