Damien Wynne

Damien Wynne,

International Business Consultant and Coach

Damien is  a pioneer, international business consultant and coach, consciousness hacker and awareness teacher who has been working with people for 20 years.

He has traveled and taught groups for over 17 years and supported thousands of people in releasing what is in the way to following their truth and taking a massive jump in their lives.

The bases of his work is self-empowerment. 

When given permission he has an ability, to look into your system and pinpoint like a microscope what is behind the root of the blockages, bring them up and transform them in an extremely efficient way. 

What normally could take years to transform can be transformed in a moment. Often people say after the sessions, “It feels like lifetimes of transformation has taken place in one session.” 

If you imagine yourself like a house that has an unstable foundation and some of the bricks are the wrong way around or may have cracks, there may be leaks in the roof. 
The way Damien works, he can support you in re-setting the foundation of your house, walls, floors and roof in one session if you are open to it. Not only to rebuild it but to open up a new connection with your ability to visualize and recreate a brand new house matching your soul vibration.

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