Darren Austin Hall

Master Sound Healer

Darren Austin Hall is a visionary leader, sound healer/mystic-musician/song-channel, writer and spiritual teacher-philosopher. He is the creator of the Source Resonance Academy devoted to leading sound healing trainings and workshops, including the Vibrational Peace Sonic Activism initiative. He shares his signature Druid Medicine Ritual Concerts & Sound Journeys around the world and is a renowned recording artist. His new double-album, HONOUR ALL CREATION, is a concept album of sound healing journey music, mystical folk and ambient dance music devoted to the dawning of the New Earth. It also consists of a coinciding online course that charts a deep vision quest into the sacred wisdom of nature and the Earth, Honour All Creation: The Journey.

Darren is also the founder and director of the Gaia Awakening Institute, a physical and virtual school based in Costa Rica. Gaia Awakening is devoted to the healing of our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth and cultivating a culture of universal truth that converges ancient wisdom with innovative paradigms. Through eco-spirituality, the restoration of indigenous wisdom and cultivating conscious community, Gaia Awakening is stewarding a new vision for humanity as co-creators of a universal culture of wisdom and unity. 

Learn more about Darren’s work:

To check out more of Darren’s work and to sign up for his newsletter ‘Universal Vibrations’: www.darrenaustinhall.com.

On Instagram @darrendruid.


Darren’s acclaimed albums and music are also available widely. They can be streamed on Spotify & Apple Music.

For his full discography including his new ‘Mystical Meditations’ Guided Meditation album: https://darrenaustinhall.bandcamp.com/

Darren’s Soundcloud channel consists of his largest collection of music and also spiritual talks and his ecstatic dance DJ sets (DJ Druid): https://soundcloud.com/darren-austin-hall

Darren’s Youtube channel consists of many exciting videos of his live sacred musical performances as well as spiritual talks: https://www.youtube.com/c/darrenaustinhall

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