Allison Rock M.Sc. OT, OT Reg. (Ont). Hons. B.A. Psych.

Occupational Therapist, Paediatrics

Don Christensen is a yoga teacher, community organizer, owner and director of Modo Yoga Bloor West, and father of two boys.

At 35, Don discovered yoga, and noticing its incredible effect on his own wellbeing, he quickly became a teacher of multiple styles including Modo, Modo Flow and Yin, eventually opening up what is now Modo Yoga Bloor West in 2007.

Around the same time, Don attended the inaugural Eagle Condor 30 Day Intensive in Germany, a therapeutic group experience informed by shamanic teachings, and returned as leadership support over the following three years. In his deep dedication to personal growth and self- development, he has also undertaken several Vision Quests and completed multiple Vipasanna retreats, and currently leads monthly Men’s Circles through MYBW.

Don currently resides in a small apartment on a busy street in downtown Toronto with his dog, Beau, where he now spends much of his time growing and organizing the Day of Pause movement.

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