Dr. Todd

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Innovative Scientist, Doctor, and Researcher

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys was at the top of his class at Northwestern University with the highest possible grade point average and after two years was one of 26 people accepted into an accelerated undergraduate and medical training program at Johns Hopkins University and medical school. He then completed specialty training in internal medicine and subspecialty training in pulmonary and critical care medicine at Georgetown University hospital.

He was inspired to move to California to understand energy medicine and shortly after the journey had a vision of communicating with the pure consciousness of DNA.

This has resulted in co-inventing a laser based interdimensional platform which has numerous US and international patents granted in the areas of nutraceuticals, agriculture including cannabis, and especially stem cell biology.

He also pursues and provides training in the area of psycho emotional medicine, getting at the core root of any condition, physical or psychiatric, that can offer lasting relief. These discoveries have the potential to be a part of what may revolutionize and personalize the practice of medicine.

He is also the composer and at times co-conductor of the Lemurian choirs that create patterns of tones and information that can accelerate expansion of consciousness.

Dr. Todd will be speaking at the TCCHE San Diego Conference 2023 

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