Dr. Todd Sinett

Founder of the Multi-specialty Health Center Tru Whole Care

Dr. Todd Sinett is the leading authority on back pain. By finding and treating the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms, Dr. Sinett eliminates pain. His treatment includes an assessment of the whole body structure (physical), what you eat (nutritional/digestive), and how you manage stress (emotional).  Dr. Sinett is the founder of the multi-specialty health center Tru Whole Care, he is the  author of 4 books, and inventor of the Backbridge that has sold 75,000+ unitsworldwide. He is on a mission to help people find the solution to their back pain and sustain healthy bodies and happy lives.

Dr. Sinett has served as a clinical expert for many television programs, including Barbara Walter’s “The View,” FoxMD, and Good Day New York with Donna Hanover.

And today we are going to talk to Dr. Sinett about his most recent book entitled, The Good Shit.

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