Frederic Lowen
Executive Director of The Alexander Lowen Foundation

Frederic Lowen, son of Alexander Lowen, M.D., is Executive Director of The Alexander Lowen Foundation; manager of the Lowen copyrights; and certified bioenergetic therapist, CBT.

Living with and raised by Alexander Lowen, with long term and extensive experience in Bioenergetics, Bioenergetic therapy, workshop and training attendance since 1966, Frederic seeks to expand the visiblity, appreciation, and use of Bioenergetics.

Bioenergetics offers a powerful and unique way to heal the widespread mind-body split, the goal of psychotherapy. Largely un-recognized, the mind-body split afflicts individuals and populations around the world, creating individual and social dysfunction. Frederic brings his varied problem-solving skills to the task.

A Bioenergetic therapist with a unique background in small-business, Frederic integrates economics, business, psychotherapy and Bioenergetics to understand and mitigate individual and collective dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes in therapy work, and in his direction of the Foundation’s efforts to promote Bioenergetics. In addition to operating the non-profit Alexander Lowen Foundation, Frederic is Manager of LowenCorp Publishing LLC, a holding company for the Lowen copyrights. LowenCorp Publishing is actively expanding the availability, accessibility and visibility of the 15 Lowen books around the world, currently translated into 18 languages. Frederic lives in Vermont, USA.

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