Jeane Manning

Jeane Manning

Jeane Manning is an internationally-known author who has been tracking “breakthrough energy” inventions and related big-picture issues for more than 30 years. Her university degree is in Sociology; work experience is in news reporting and social work; her passion is advocating for clean air, soil and water with a specialty in unpacking clean-energy breakthroughs for non-experts; and her heart is in reverence for the sacred nature of all life.

Jeane was a panel speaker at the International Women’s Forum on Future Energy, at Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan, and she has been invited to speak at new-energy conferences in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and North America. Her books have been published in a dozen languages.

Her most recent book is Hidden Energy: Tesla-inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance, (with Susan Manewich, 2019.)

Jeane’s previous books are:

  • The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing NY 1996);
  • Angels Don’t Play This HAARP co-authored with Nick Begich (Earthpulse Press, 1996);
  • Granite Man and the Butterfly (Project Magnet, 1997);
  • Energie (Omega Verlag, 2000);
  • co-authored Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries (Auckland Institute of Technology Press, New Zealand, 1995); and
  • Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World, co- authored with Joel Garbon (Amber Bridge Books, 2008, revised 2011.)

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