Shehnaz Soni

Jeffrey stegman & clayten stedmann

In 2008 two businessmen met through a mutual friend. They were both working on accessing and utilizing high consciousness fields. Jeffrey Stegman was creating high consciousness fields and cultures in business and Clayten Stedmann, as a coach in business as a spiritual path, was creating high consciousness fields for healing the human mind, body and spirit.

They came together with an inventor who had devoted his life to creating free energy for humanity. Although he did not create a free energy device, He had discovered a way to re-direct and focus large amounts of life-force energy (also known as subtle energy) on an object.

Between Jeff’s experience in engineering and Clayten’s knowledge and extensive practice in Consciousness Kinesiology and the Hawkins Map (see below) they re-engineered the original device to broadcast a high consciousness field to specific locations around the world. At first, Clayten and Jeffrey used the device and associated technology to raise consciousness around the world as a public service project. As they were able to increase the power available and the ability to positively affect a property, they brought the consciousness raising technology to the public as ‘Focused Life- Force Energy’ (FLFE). Today, after an additional ten years of research,  thousands of customers and hundreds of testimonials Jeffrey and Clayten are expanding the process of developing public awareness of this unique consciousness-raising technology.