Jonathan Hammond

Spiritual Teacher

Jonathan Hammond began with a very successful career as an award-winning actor, appearing on Broadway and television. Now he devotes his life to being deeply committed to empowering and healing people by bringing indigenous-Earth wisdom to the modern world as a master teacher and faculty member for Shamanic Reiki Worldwide.

Jonathan is a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, and author of the Shaman’s mind: Huna Wisdom To Change Your Life.

His book helps one learn to think like a shaman. It teaches you to attune yourself to a magical spectrum of infinite possibilities, unseen truths, alternative realities, and spiritual support.

When a shaman likes what’s happening, they know how to make it better, and when they don’t, they know how to change it. The Shaman’s Mind is a book that teaches the reader how to align and transform their own mind into one that sees the world through the lens of the indigenous healers of old.

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