Kevin Longpré

Kevin Longpré

D.O.(Q), B.SC., CAT(C)

Kevin completed his bachelor degree in Exercise Science at Concordia University with a specialization in Athletic Therapy. He quickly realized his passion for manual clinical work and completed his studies to become an Osteopath at the Collège d’Étude Ostéopathique de Montréal. His thesis was done on “The Influence of Osteopathic Treatment on Neurophysiological and Behavioural Capacities in an Active Population”.

As an Osteopath we are always looking to rid the body of barriers that are preventing the natural healing process of the body. Kevin treats patients for various conditions such as sport injuries, back pain, concussions, digestive problems, and much more.

One of Kevin’s other passions was to develop educational seminars for our patient base and friends to better understand the amazing machine called the human body.

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