Lesley Tierra, author of A Kid’s Herb Book, shares with us different ways to engage our children in the natural world. Her book is filled with great ideas, games, exercises and some of the most powerful and versatile herbs that kid’s can explore and experiment with. Join us and discover how nature can support almost any health ailment, the top herbs to have in your home remedy kit and what they can be used for and how nature can bring us back to ourselves and our own inner wisdom.


  • Why is it so important to expose children to herbs and nature in general.
  • Learn how nature can be used to support almost any health challenge.
  • Learn fun ways to get yourself and your kids  exposed to nature and herbs.
  • Discover different herbs that you can easily grow at home no matter where you live.
  • Discover some of the most important and versatile plants/herbs to make sure you have on hand as part of your home pharmacy.
  • Discover how having natural therapies on hand and knowing how to use them is incredibly powerful for the parents just as much as it is for the kids.
  • Gain insights into some powerful herbs that can help with the management of fevers.
  • Learn key herbs and nutrient to make your own “Calm Child” remedy.
  • Discover how nature can help us better connect to our own nature and the answers that lie within.

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