Dave Vass from the Healing Oasis joins us today to share his journey from the tech industry to creating a sanctuary for people dealing with cancer. We discuss the elements often necessary for healing to occur, the role of mind, body and spirit, and candid conversations on our personal experience dealing with conventional medicine and a hope for a more integrative approach to supporting those dealing with chronic illness and cancer.


  • Discover some of the key ingredients necessary to create a healing environment.
  • Gain more insights into why a cancer diagnosis can feel like a black hole and ways to reset your environment to foster healing.
  • Candid conversations on our direct experience with the conventional system dealing with Téa’s father’s journey with leukemia.
  • Gain insights into essential factors that can either build or weaken your immune system.
  • Discover why it is so essential to live our lives in alignment with our hearts knowing.


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