Joining us today is Frederic Lowen, son of the late Alexander Lowen who was the founder of Bioenergetic Therapy. In this episode Frederic breaks down the concept of ‘energy’, explains the necessity of recognizing body sensation for healing to occur and enlightens us with a unique way to heal the widespread mind-body split that has become an epidemic in today’s society.

Here are some highlights:

  • Understand the concept of energy from a Bioenergetics perspective.
  • Learn about the Mind/Body split that has become epidemic in our society.
  • How the “Mind/Body split is affecting us as individuals and the world at large.
  • Discover the solution to the Mind/Body split
  • The importance of feeling body sensation 
  • How our breath can restrict or accentuate our ability to feel and heal.
  • The role that fear plays in restricting our lives and our health.