New York Times best-selling author of the Conversations With God series, Neale Donald Walsch rounds out our conversations on how to create a New Earth. Neale shares with us insights that he has gained over his 30 years of conversing with God. In this episode he shares how to live from a place of pure love, what it takes to make your life work, and how you can connect directly with God yourself. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.


  • Discover the answer God gave Neale to his question, “How do you make life work?”
  • Discover the biggest mistake we make in our lives that causes most of our struggles and suffering.
  • Learn who we are and what our purpose here on earth is all about according to Neale’s conversations with God.
  • Discover what Neal means when he says that, “We have God all wrong.”
  • Is suffering necessary for us to grow and evolve or is there a better way?
  • What is the difference between pain and suffering?
  • Gain insights into our true reason for being.
  • Gain a deeper understanding as to why this physical reality is the perfect place to express our true identity and purpose for being here.
  • Discover what living from a place of pure love actually requires and looks like in the world.
  • Learn how needing nothing from another can liberate you.

Prefer to watch this interview on YouTube? Check out the full episode here!

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