In this brilliant episode visionary, inventor and lifelong water researcher, Ralph Suddath goes well beyond water purifiers and structured water. He takes us on his own personal journey into the inner workings of this most mysterious substance on the planet. Ralph explains how the frequency of water dictates whether or not it can house disease or health, he discusses water memory and shares with us inside stories from his work with well-known Japanese water researcher, Dr. Emoto.  He also shares with us the roadblocks he has encountered by governmental regulations and the chemical industry conglomerates.


  • Discover some amazing healing technologies that Ralph has been exposed to.
  • Learn how technologies that are ahead of their times can often be suppressed.
  • Understand how all of the chemicals that are taken into the body, eventually go back out again into nature, especially our water.
  • Gain insights into how nature purifies water without chemicals.
  • Discover how water can carry memory and how this affects everything.
  • Understand how the frequency of water can lead to health or disease.
  • Discover the underlying cause to aging!

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