Author of the Simplicity Project and musician, Kaya Usher, joins us again to help us connect to our highest frequency and create a beautiful future. Learn how to use “heavier” frequencies to create what you desire, dissolve fears and manifest from your heart, discover new perspectives on how to deal with challenges and loss for ourselves and our children and so much more in this uplifting and timely episode.


  • Envision a future outside of our conditioned box.
  • The importance of listening to our hearts calling.
  • How to use “heavier” frequencies to facilitate the change you desire.
  • Discover how “frequencies” affect you.
  • Discover what Kaya means by “the higher frequencies will always win”.
  • Gain insights into how dissolving the fear of death dissolves all other fears.
  • Learn the power of innocence.
  • Learn about key frequency tenants to regain your power.
  • Reflect on different ways to deal with suffering and loss for ourselves and our children.

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