Real conversations on changing things up in your life, making big decisions, living more intimately with family, connecting to nature and raising your kids with Katie and Darrell Greenwood from Livin’ The Dream Farm.


  • Candid conversations on how to make big changes in our life and follow our inner compass.
  • Navigate the joys as well as the challenges that come with living more intimately with your extended family.
  • Discover different perspectives on how to discern whether our children are thriving or not.
  • Take a deeper exploration into what you mean by your “Dream Life” and what exactly you really want in your life.
  • Gain insights on how to know within yourself when it is time to make that leap into something new that your heart is longing for.
  • Discover key life lessons from both nature and life on the farm.
  • Discover how to organically bring more reverence and sacredness into our lives.
  • Gain insights into how you can connect more deeply to nature and intuition.

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