If you’ve been wondering about what the best therapies are to help heal from trauma then tune in to today’s episode. Today we sit down with NYT best-selling author, Dr. Pedram Shojai and author, producer, director, Nick Polizzi. Nick and Pedram share with us insights from their book, Trauma, Healing Your Past To Find Freedom Now. Join us as we discuss the ways in which trauma can show up in your life, the relationship between the “gut” and trauma and how to know when it is your trauma that is driving your actions versus  your authentic self?


  • How do we know when we have actually moved on from our trauma and when we still need to address it?
  • What is the role of the Vagus nerve in trauma? How does one start to work with normalizing the Vagus nerve?
  • How does trauma potentially affect body weight and our ability to optimize our weight?
  • What are some of the unintentional traumas that we can accumulate from our parents?
  • Has our media and entertainment industry played a role in creating more trauma?
  • Where is the starting point for someone that wants to heal their trauma and restore their life?


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