Have you ever wondered why trauma can be so sticky and hard to release? If so, then join us today as world renowned expert and author of The Poly Vagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges, helps us to better understand this complex topic. Dr. Porges shares with us the importance of our social engagement system, why trauma can cause someone to become immobilized and shut down and how the Polyvagal Theory can help to rebalance our nervous system and heal from trauma.


  • Understand how and why trauma can cause the nervous system to shut down and prevent you from healing.
  • Gain insights into the hierarchy of the nervous system.
  • Discover how dysregulation in our nervous system can affect our ability to discern cues from our environment or even our own body/intuition?
  • Understand the importance of creating relationships for the individual to feel safe.
  • Discover what we have learned from our ancient and indigenous cultures around the treatment of trauma.

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