In today’s episode we are joined by the dynamic quantum duo, Drs Amit Goswami PhD and Valentia Onisor MD.

Tune in as we break down how emotions and improper mental thinking lead to disease, the power of archetypes in the healing process, the path to higher states of consciousness and what is necessary to be create a life of joy and meaning.


  • understand the power of “meaning” as a catalyst for one’s health.
  • Discover the all-important role that consciousness plays in facilitating healing. 
  • Take home some strategies on how to access these higher states of consciousness
  • Gain insight into what a quantum integrative system of medicine looks like and how it can update our current outdated medical paradigm 
  • Discover how to regain your power to choose
  • Discover the 5 steps required to activate creative healing
  • Learn the fastest route to accessing expanded fields of consciousness as well as what can be your biggest deterrent from accessing these fields.
  • Most importantly learn some fun facts about our guests such as what their favourite books, movies and ice cream flavours are.

Contact Dr. Goswami & Dr. Onisor:

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