Internationally recognized expert in the Chakras and energy psychology, Anodea Judith PhD joins us today to share her decades of wisdom. Anodea explains how energy becomes blocked in the body and how the concepts of charge and discharge are essential to healing these blocks. She also dives into the chakras and explains how they relate to our conflicts, our emotions and our lives. Stay with us till the end as she gives our audience sound advice on how to resolve triggers in our personal relationships.


  • Discover why energy gets blocked in our bodies and how it can create problems.
  • Understand the importance of Charge and Discharge in balancing body energies.
  • Gain insights into your body and your life through the Chakra system.
  • Discover how trauma affects the body in regards to Charge…and how to work with it.
  • Learn how to interpret the hidden messages that your body is trying to inform you about.
  • Walk away with tools to help you better handle situations when you have been triggered by your partner.


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