Today, in the final episode of our series, Know Thyself, questions to facilitate a return to who we truly Are, I share with you my personal experience of recognizing when the body says no! Our bodies are incredibly wise and will tell us when something needs to change but it’s ultimately up to us whether or not we listen to these very important messages.


  • Discover symptoms that the body tells us when it wants us to change directions and do something different.
  • Gain insight into how we have been conditioned to disregard the body and ignore what it is telling us.
  • Learn an exercise that you can apply right now to see where your mental/emotional stressors may be at the root of your physical symptoms.
  • Hear my personal story on when my body said No and what I did to resolve it and heal myself.
  • Discover specific objective and subjective measurements you can use to assess how your body is doing and what you need to pay attention to.
  • Learn about a “Listen To Your Body Questionnaire” – rate your symptoms.
  • Understand the interplay between the different “Bodies of Health.”

From Understanding to Knowing – e-book


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