If you have ever wondered what lies at the root to all disease then tune in to this episode. Today, Dr. Jerry Tennant, world-renowned physician and integrative health practitioner, and the inventor of the Tennant BioModulator® explains to us the role that cellular voltage plays in health and disease. Join us as Dr. Tennant outlines the top 5 factors causing low voltage in the body and how this can dramatically affect your health and ability to heal.

In this episode you will:

  • Discover the underlying factor to all illness.
  • Discover how the body functions like a battery.
  • Learn the 5 major causes for low cellular voltage.
  • Gain insight into what is required to heal cells.
  • Learn the interconnections between fascial chains, acupuncture meridians, organ systems, emotions and disease.
  • Understand how food allergies develop.
  • Some insights and suggestions for long haul COVID symptoms.
  • The underlying root to gluten sensitivity and how to eat home baked bread again.
  • Discover a fantastic home remedy for food poisoning.
  • Discover an important nutritional deficiency to consider in the prevention of spontaneous abortions.
  • Learn why there is a spark of light that takes place when sperm and egg meet!

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