Dr. Aimie Apigian shares with us her extensive expertise in the areas of trauma and addiction recovery. Join us today as she breaks down what is necessary in order to safely detoxify from addiction. This episode is packed with amazing insights and advice on how to regulate your dopamine levels, the role of diet and blood sugar, the number one reason for relapse, and where to begin your addiction detox.


  • Discover key biochemical patterns that can leave you susceptible to addictions.
  • Understand the role of dopamine in addiction.
  • Gain insight into how dopamine can intentionally be hijacked causing you to become addicted to many different things.
  • Discover the number one reason for addiction relapse.
  • Where to begin when trying to detoxify from antidepressants or other addictions.
  • Learn diet strategies that can assist you with detoxifying from addiction.
  • Discover what some of the biggest food addictions are and why.
  • Gain insight into the role of protein when it comes to addiction.

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