Join Ken Swartz, AKA Ken the scientist, the chief science officer and founder of C60 Purple Power as he breaks down everything toxic that we need to be aware of. Discover all the hidden places  where we are accumulating toxins from, the most important foods to eat organic as well as the ones that you don’t have to worry as much about, the best App for tracking how toxic different products are, Top strategies for avoiding and dealing with your toxic burden and so much more.


  • Discover the most common toxins that you have in your home.
  • Discover the most toxic compounds to be aware of in your cosmetics.
  • Learn of the best App you can download to help you rate how toxic everyday foods and household ingredients actually are.
  • Gain insight into where the toxins get stored in the bodies.
  • Discover the most important foods that you should buy organic as well as which ones are not as important to buy organic.
  • Learn the most common places that cause off gassing with VOC’s.
  • Top strategies on how and what to avoid in regards to toxins and what you can do that can assist you once they are inside the body.

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