Join CEO of Ascent nutrition and author of, Biohacking brain health with DHA, Lance Schuttler. In today’s episode Lance is going to enlighten us on key strategies to detoxify our brain and the most important brain nutrients that we need to optimize our performance.


  • Discover strategies to start detoxifying your brain
  • Learn what the optimal amount of omega 3 fatty acids actually is and how you can test for it.
  • Learn about the field of Nootropics.
  • Discover what we need to avoid and what we need to take in order to optimize brain function.
  • Discover key supplements that can support optimal brain health.
  • Learn about some of the benefits of sunlight and strategies to optimize your exposure without burning.
  • Learn strategies to detoxify from unhealthy thoughts.
  • Gain insights into the power of surrender.
  • Learn the best source of DHA essential fatty acid that is incredibly supportive for your brain health.
  • Discover the necessity for DHA fatty acids in both the pregnant mother and their developing child.
  • Take a deeper look into baby formulas and some other options.
  • Learn about one of the most potent natural detoxifiers on the planet.


Dr. Jason Loken Integrative Medicine