In today’s episode detox veteran and founder of RemedyLink, Spencer Feldman, shines light on the 4 detox traps that can plague both patients and practitioners and must be avoided. Join us as we talk about the bodies number one detox organ (not what you may think), how to discern the difference between a healing crisis and a toxic reaction, pros and cons to the FODMAP and Carnivore diets and how we can use the 5 elements to help us heal our mental/emotional bodies.


  • Discern the difference between a healing crisis and a toxic reaction.
  • Discover the 4 major detox traps you need to avoid.
  • Understand why people get multiple chemical sensitivities.
  • Gain insights into the Pros and cons of the carnivore diet.
  • Learn some of the super powers that the microbiome is responsible for.
  • Learn when and when not to do a FODMAP diet.
  • Discover how the 5 elements can bring awareness to our mental and emotional patterns.
  • Gain strategies on how to dissolve and work with uncomfortable emotions.
  • What are the imbalances that humanity as a whole are collectively going through in regards to the 5 elements.

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