Dr. Todd Ovokaitys returns to our show to round out the last episode of our cleanse and detox series. Join us today as Dr Todd goes over the essentials in order to effectively detoxify from the many facets of our lives including the physical, mental, emotional and even the spiritual. Dr. Todd does a brilliant job in pulling together the many bodies of health and giving our viewers an overview of some of the most important things to consider when embarking on a detoxification journey.


  • Learn key symptoms on when you should detox and when you shouldn’t.
  • Discover key dietary recommendations to support detox.
  • Learn how supporting methylation can help you lower the mercury levels in your body.
  • Discover a revolutionary new product that has been shown to increase ATP, support brain fog, help heal leaky gut and even break up biofilms.
  • Gain insight into some of the core conflicts underlying different physical ailments and how to resolve them.
  • Discover why chicken may not be so great for us.
  • Discover strategies for detoxifying from toxic metals.
  • Learn about a key herb that can get rid of mercury from the brain.
  • Discover what is meant by the royalty of mind, royalty of body and royalty of emotions means.

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