In today’s episode David Wolfe joins us again to have a fun and enlightening conversation on the importance of original thinking, how we can create a strong sense of self in our children, how scientism has brainwashed our ability to see the magic in nature and the steps we can take to awaken our own genius. This episode is packed with tons of valuable insights.


  • What do we need to unlearn in order to make informed choices?
  • How to create a strong sense of self in our kids.
  • How do we create innovative ideas and what gets in the way of them?
  • Learn David’s perspective on Ego.
  • Discover the “Logic of Your Local Environment.”
  • Discover how nature is constantly trying to make our lives better.
  • Learn what David means by “Magic” and how it is used in the world.
  • What plant is superior to Yerba Mate?
  • Learn about maintaining the balance between love and structure.
  • Discover steps you can do to awaken your own genius.

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