Join author, spiritual teacher and good friend, Jiulio Consiglio, as he helps us unravel the concepts of spirituality, the ego and how we awaken our intuition and psychic abilities. Make sure to join us next week for part 2: Cosmic Contact as we dive into the fascinating experiences that Jiulio has been having over the past year and a half in regards to UFO sightings, communication and encounter preparation.


  • Discover what is meant by spirituality and having a direct experience.
  • Gain insight into stillness and what it means to operate from this space.
  • Discover how we awaken our psychic abilities.
  • Understand what the Ego is and the role that it is designed to play in our lives.
  • Learn where true power comes from.
  • How do we maintain the state of equanimity within the challenges of life?
  • Learn powerful, conscious “I Am” statements that catapult you in to higher dimensions of consciousness.
  • Discover the importance of cultivating the feeling of “Knowing” within each one of us.
  • Gain insight in what it means to be an “Empath” and how to manage the intensity of emotion that is often felt.
  • Is anything sacrificed when we let the Ego dissolve? What is gained?

Discover the meaning and power of surrender and what is entailed to embody it.

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