Join author, spiritual teacher and good friend, Jiulio Consiglio, for part 2 of our discussion. Is this section we dive into the fascinating experiences that Jiulio has been having over the past year and a half in regards to UFO sightings, communication and encounter preparation.


  • Dive into the fascinating experiences Jiulio has had in UFO sightings and communication and what this means for the consciousness of humanity.
  • Discover the reason why more and more sightings are taking place across the globe at this time.
  • Gain insight into what Jiulio means when he says, “The only thing that is truly Alien to us, is the Egoic mind.”
  • Discover what is necessary in order to connect with your extended cosmic family.
  • Learn how to turn on your ability to communicate telepathically.
  • Jiulio explains the several different ways that UFO’s have presented themselves to him and what to look for.
  • Discover what Jiulio means when he says, “What we are connecting to is essentially another aspect of ourselves and who we are as spiritual beings.”
  • Learn specific exercises that can be used to elevate your consciousness and frequency in order to assist and prepare you for this next phase of evolution.
  • Discover ways to accelerate our shift from separation and fear to oneness and unconditional love.

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