Author and Metaphysics master, RJ Spina joins us once again to shed light on what lies beyond the 5 senses. This episode is packed with valuable insights that you can incorporate into your life right now.

Rj shares with us the problems with agreeing or denying anything, he helps us understand the difference between thinking and creative inspiration, explains how to get into a flow state and connect with supreme presence and why we need to stop trying to figure everything out.


  • Gain insights into what lies beyond the 5 senses.
  • Discover how you can lose yourself in the process of agreeing and denying to anything.
  • Learn an alternative to agreeing and denying that puts you into a flow state.
  • Discover how to not get caught up in the physical world reality around us.
  • Learn how being human is a unique experiment in individualized free will.
  • Discover what stops individualized free will and how you can counteract it.
  • How to access supreme presence through being present.
  • Discover why there is no such thing as original thought.
  • Understand the difference between thinking and creative inspiration.
  • Gain insights into the structure of the Greater Reality.
  • Recognize how thinking and understanding are limited and only linked to the past.
  • Discover how consciousness can be controlled.
  • Learn the difference between I understand vs. I know.
  • Become aware of the importance of not trying to figure things out.

About RJ Spina:

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