Today Dr. Todd Ovokaitys shares a piece of music from his most recent Pineal Tones event in Mexico where we celebrate moving into unity consciousness. We also discuss what the matrix is and how to get out of it, powerful spiritual practices to awaken consciousness, the Royalties of the body, mind and emotions and the importance to questions what we believe we know to be true.


  • Enjoy listening to the song a civilization sings when they celebrate having moved into unity consciousness. Towards the end of the interview the pineal tones choir sings this beautiful song.
  • Learn the difference between being in the “Energy” vs being in the “Matrix.”
  • Discover strategies and practices necessary to live in the “Energy.”Music of unity consciousness and the biggest problem being human
  • Learn about the ancient Chinese practice called the Royalties of the mind, body and emotions and how it applies to your life.
  • Gain insights into the peak performance brain wave band that athletes enter when in the zone.
  • Discover the biggest problem with being human.
  • Understand the importance of questioning what we believe we “know” to be true.
  • Gain insights into the multi-layered approach to nurturing the Royalties of the mind, body and emotions.
  • Discover how Biological Decoding can laser focus in on the root to an illness or disease.
  • Learn how speaking certain divine names can have powerful effects on your health and how you even create.
  • Discover one of the most powerful spiritual practices.
  • Gain insights into the quantum language of pineal tones.
  • Discover the difference between a survival reaction versus a triggered reaction.

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