Join one of the leading researchers and authorities on Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s), PMH Atwater as she shares with us insights she has gained over more than 40 years of research and personal experience into NDE’s and transformational states of consciousness. We talk about the difference between adult and childhood NDE’s, why the divorce rate is close to 80% after a NDE, what PMH means by the 5th world and how transformational states of consciousness can prepare us for the times we are in.


  • Gain insights into personal experience and over 40 years of research into transformations of consciousness and Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s).
  • Learn how transformations in consciousness are preparing us for the times we are currently in.
  • What is unconditional love? Have any of us actually experienced it?
  • Discover how both NDE’s and transformations in consciousness can affect us profoundly both physically and esoterically.
  • Learn the differences between the NDE’s of adults and children.
  • Understand what PMH means by, “The baby has rights! Talk to the baby and find out what they want.”
  • Gain insights into what it means to be spiritual and what we should honour.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how much our children are actually aware of and how this can change the way we interact with them.
  • Discover the 4 main types of NDE’s.
  • Discover why children as well as adults may have specific sensitivities after an NDE, including sensitivities to medications.
  • Understand why it is absolutely necessary for your doctor to know that you had a NDE.
  • Understand why the divorce rate of Near-Death Experiencers is close to 80%.
  • Gain insights into why Near-Death Experiencers often have troubles with EMF’s and technology.
  • Discover how long it typically takes to integrate a NDE both for adults and children.
  • What are the biggest “Aha” moments in regards to why we have transformations in consciousness and NDE’s.
  • Gain insights into what is meant by the “5th world” that we are moving into.
  • Discover some of the main challenges that Near-Death Experiencers can encounter once they come back from their experience.

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