NASA aerospace engineer and Quantum Healer, Shehnaz Soni shares with us wisdom from her newest book, The Quantum Being. Join us as we discuss the 3 separate journeys humans go through, the relationship between light and time, the importance of NOT living your life for someone else and insights into H.A.R.P and C.E.R.N.

  • Discover what is means to be a Quantum Being.
  • Learn how to change your reality.
  • Learn how you can discern your own personal instructions from instructions outside of you.
  • Discover the 3 separate journeys that we go through during this human life.
  • Discover the importance of NOT living your life through anyone else.
  • Gain insights on how living in a fractal universe impacts our life.
  • Learn how the “mess” in our lives can be the catalyst for discovering what really matters.
  • Insights about H.A.R.P. and C.E.R.N.
  • Discover how quickly things can change when you don’t think of yourself as a “little person.”
  • Gain insights into the relationships between light and time.

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