Jami and Kim have been facilitating explorations of the difficult, necessary themes of aging, death and waking up for many years. This offering is a culmination of their shared love of the realness, rawness and intimacy that arises when we turn towards all levels of letting go.


  • Discover the 3 heavenly messengers and how they assist us.
  • Understand the interrelationship between grief and gratitude.
  • Gain insights into different ways of normalizing the death process for our children.
  • Discover how music and poem can be an incredible healing balm.  
  • Discover how the power of spoken word and music can move you into a resonant field of healing that you may not be able to access on your own.
  • The necessity for you to feel what is naturally surfacing for you.
  • Gain insights into the most important “First Step” necessary to create transformation…that anyone can do no matter where you are.
  • Discover a powerful way to connect to stillness…that’s not meditation.
  • Listen to a beautiful and moving piece of music and spoken word towards the end of the episode.

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