Join author and metaphysical facilitator, Millie America for a beautiful discussion on waking-up to your spirituality, learning to listen to spirit, how to eliminate the underlying fear of not being enough and what trusting your intuition really means. This episode is packed with many meaningful insights. Enjoy!


  • Gain insights into what the metaphysical sciences are.
  • Understand how spiritual awakening can be misunderstood as mental illness.
  • Discover the meaning behind the saying, “The issues in the tissues.”
  • Understand how the body is affected when we are not living in alignment with ourselves.
  • Gain deeper insights in to what it means to “Wake-Up.”
  • Hear a story that will help you gain deeper insights into how spirit is always communicating with you.
  • Discover the importance of “listening” rather than “thinking.”
  • Gain insights into what lies beyond the veil and what Millie experienced in her near death experiences.
  • Discover how you can eliminate the underlying fear of not doing/being enough.
  • Gain insights into the number one thing we are here to do.
  • Discover the importance in forgiving oneself.
  • Understand that you can overcome anything!
  • Discover where ill health and healing both arise from.


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