Today we sit down with our good friend and master story teller Dr. Ken Harris. Ken shares with us his out of body experience during a heart attack and how it informed his life, how it changed his life and the messages that he learned from it to share with you. This is a sweet, uplifting episode that may bring peace of mind to many.



  • Discover how the loss of the fear of death changes the way you decide to live.
  • Gain some perspectives on how to view the challenges of our time.
  • Gain insights into why you may be getting the pull to reprioritize aspects of your life a   nd how to navigate this.
  • Discover the perspective necessary to end war and suffering.
  • Learn about the process of spiritual attunement and how it can entrain you to your higher self.
  • Discover ways to “hear” the voice of your soul-self.


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