Psychologist and past life regression therapist, Dr. Linda Backman, shares with us insights over her more than 30 years of conducting past life regression sessions. We talk about the difference between earth-based, interplanetary and angelic souls, where ascended masters come from, how past life regression can facilitate healing, the best way we can support our children and so much more. This is a fascinating episode with so many insights. Enjoy!


  • Discover how past life regression can stimulate the healing process
  • Gain insights into how past life regression can help us understand why we are here and what our life purpose is.
  • Learn why you deal with weird physical symptoms that make no sense.
  • Discover the difference between earth-based souls, interplanetary based souls and angelic souls.
  • Learn about soul groups or soul clusters.
  • Discover the signature energy of an angelic soul and how to recognize one.
  • Learn the keys to strengthen your connection to your spirit guides and divine wisdom.
  • Discover where the Ascended Masters come from.
  • Discover how to connect to your soul purpose and soul vow you made before incarnating on earth.
  • Learn about karma, how it works and why it is here.
  • Discover the difference between past life regression vs between life soul regression.
  • Learn to make sense out of our challenges and struggles.
  • Discover the most common questions people ask during a past life regression session.
  • Learn some of the underlying reasons and meaning underlying the reasons why many people may be dealing with health problems.
  • Discover the roles of old souls incarnating on earth and why they are coming.
  • Learn how to support and nurture your children’s natural gifts and curiosities.

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