In this episode I speak with friend and former patient James Cooke who transformed his life by healing the underlying roots that were causing him to experience significant anxiety/depression. James shares his story and we talk about how discovering the underlying biochemical imbalances helped him to step fully into his potential and recreate his life in a way that he knew was possible but not accessible to him previously.


  • Gain insights into how biochemical imbalances can wreak havoc on the neurotransmitters responsible for how you think, feel and act in the world.
  • Discover some of the key biochemical imbalances responsible for hijacking the way you are feeling.
  • Be inspired by strategies and practices that James used to bring back his zest for life.
  • Discover the importance of listening to yourself and following your passions.
  • Learn how important it is to focus on the path and not the obstacles.
  • The role of goals and how to actively implement strategies that will move you towards your vision.

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