Buckle up for part 2 of this fascinating interview with Ralph Suddath. In part two we go deeper into water, we look at the importance of sea solids for the health of our body and our agriculture, the relationship between cellular voltage and health, how big pharma and the chemical industry is affecting our water on a vibrational level and the role that minerals as geometry play in our health.


  • Discover the importance of light and sound frequency and their effects on aging!
  • Understand what triggers the aging process.
  • Discover the factors that cause light storage to diminish within your body.
  • Gain insights into the number one reason for gut biome dysfunction.
  • Discover what is NOT filtered out of your water with even the best water filtration systems.
  • Understand the difference between dead and living water.
  • Gain a much deeper appreciation for minerals and their geometry and how they affect our body.


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