Join and Jefferey and Clayten as we discuss how an innovative and powerful new technology can create high-consciousness fields around your property, your cell phone and just about any object of our choice. In this fascinating conversation we take a look at the history consciousness on the planet, the level of consciousness currently and how the events over the past few years have dramatically impacted it. We also look at how high-consciousness fields can influence your life, your perspective, your health and new research that shows it to be a powerful mitigator of EMF symptoms and sensitivities.

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  • Gain a deeper awareness as to how high-consciousness fields can affect you, your property, your phone and your life potentially.
  • Discover how much the average person will shift in consciousness though out their lifetime.
  • Discover ways to raise the consciousness level of your home that you can implement RIGHT NOW!
  • Learn about a fascinating technology that can create powerful fields of consciousness around your home, your phone and objects immediately.
  • Discover what the consciousness of the planet is right now, where it was and how the events over the past few years have greatly affected us.
  • Learn the most prevalent symptoms of EMF sensitivity and the dramatic mitigation of these symptoms using FLFE technology!


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