Dr. Tom Cowan joins us again today but this interview is a little different than the others we have had! Today we jump into many other topics aside from viruses, exosomes and strictly health. Join our conversation as e discuss optimal practices for educating our children, changes that are taking place in the financial system and what systems of exchange for value may look like in the future. We explore what it means to live in a sovereign way and to question anything that we are coerced into doing that is not voluntary whether that be related to education, health or finances. This is an interview you do not want to miss!!


  • Discover what stands in the way of seeing the world the way it really is.
  • Learn the importance of how ignorance, shame, school and trauma have impacted our lives.
  • Learn the root cause to ALL illness and disease according to Tom.
  • Gain insights into a process that can assist you in arriving at the root cause to your ailments.
  • Discover why telling the story of your life can be an incredible healing balm.
  • Understand the importance of moving away from theories and models and paying attention to direct experience in order to discern what works and what doesn’t.
  • Gain insights into why the “disease” and “cure” models for health are incorrect.
  • What does school look like in the future for children?
  • What is the difference between school and education?
  • Words of wisdom for parents when fears that your child is not going to learn to read come up.
  • Radical new perspectives in how we can see and help children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder and more.
  • Look at new possibilities of exchanging value with one another, changes in the financial system, the way communities can work together and more.


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