We welcome Lee and Monika back to our show once again, to share with us new messages and insights from Kryon. Join us as we look into the future of health and medicine, the role of A.I, the impact of consciousness changes on the planet, Hollywood and so much more. This is one of our favorite conversations that we have had with Lee and Monika!


  • Discover how movies are helping to get the truth of our hidden reality out to the world.
  • Discover how shifts in consciousness are making changes in our health, our chemistry and our priorities.
  • Gain insights into how much more accessible these higher states of consciousness are to everyone at this time.
  • Discover ways that scientists are using to measure changes in consciousness.
  • Discover some of the signs that Kryon has spoken of in regards to when things are going to start changing in a big way.
  • Is it possible that Artificial Intelligence is going to save humanity?
  •  Take a glimpse into the future of health and medicine.
  •  Gain insights into why we are seeing such an increase in censorship, government overreach and laws that don’t seem to be in the best interest of the people.

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