In today’s episode, Homeschooling/Unschooling expert, Pat Farenga helps us relook at what it means to learn and whether or not the formal school system is the ideal place for this to happen. Join us as we dive into this important topic and debunk some of the myths and fears that parents have around stepping outside of the conventional school system.


  • Gain deeper insights into how we learn and whether or not formal schools are the supporting this process.
  • Is it necessary that kids must learn to read by grade 3? And if not why?
  • Learn some interesting facts about children that were “late readers.”
  • Address some of the main fears parents encounter when they embark on homeschooling.
  • Re-look at what it means to “fall behind.”
  • Can you still go to college or university if you homeschool?
  • How can parents foster an environment for their children to learn?

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